Our Mission

Brownstone Shared Housing exists to meet the need for low-cost housing in the world’s most expensive cities. Co-founders James Stallworth and Christina Lennox quit their jobs in October 2020 to work full-time on providing safe, low-cost housing to those who need it. Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies defines low-cost housing as that which costs $600 per month or less. As the chart below illustrates, the supply of low-cost housing has declined sharply since 2014, while the supply of housing costing $1,000 or more has increased:

Source: Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies

We are currently refining our business model to ensure compliance with all housing laws, and do not yet have units available for rent. In the meantime, you may contact us below for additional information.



(we're sleeping in the pods to make sure everything is perfect!)

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